Project Closed

This project is now closed. No further development is being done on it.


This project is in no way related to the Buildcraft mod for Minecraft ( I came up with Buildcraft with after spending two weeks calling it “The Game” and deciding to concatenate the two main ideas I had at the time – building things, and crafting stuff. :)


The goal of this project is to provide me with a platform to explore patterns and practices, while at the same time creating a usable simple game engine with map editor and AI. I’m primarily interested in exploring the following aspects:
  • how tight game loops differ from conventional business problems;
  • how patterns can be used in combination to solve multi-faceted problems; and
  • how AI integrates into a more complex game, and performs state evaluation and decision making.
On top of this, there are a number of features I want to combine:
  • platform agnostic game core;
  • node and join-based map;
  • map editor;
  • game state structure and manipulation operations;
  • saving and loading game state;
  • basic AI that operates on the game state;
  • division of game state update and UI layer update; and
  • scripting API and engine.
This should provide an interesting problem domain, and I am going to use this as the content for my blog


The application has the following dependencies, which are bundled with the project in the assemblies folder. The links are for people who do not with to download the dependency dlls's:


  • Sparx Enterprise Architect - Needed to open the .eap file and look at the diagrams.
  • NCrunch - Just because it's nice to have.

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